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An Unrivaled Canine Expert

Michael began his canine career in 1982 when he was selected from hundreds of candidates to become one of the first members of the New York City Police Department’s elite Canine Unit. In 1984, he became the Department’s Canine Training Officer.

In 1986, Michael joined the Nassau County Police Department. He was promoted to Police Sergeant in 1992 and became the Commanding Officer of the Department’s Canine Unit. In this position, Michael was directly responsible for the training, selection, and deployment of the unit’s canine teams. In that capacity, he planned and supervised security details for foreign dignitaries and high-ranking political figures including the President of the United States. He was later promoted to Lieutenant.

As a state certified trainer and examiner of police canines, Michael evaluated canine teams for law enforcement agencies throughout New York State. As a member of the Nassau County Police Department, Michael was chosen to attend the prestigious FBI National Academy in 1998, where he spent nearly three months studying executive law enforcement management.

As a canine forensics expert, Michael formed a private company in 1998—Canine Consultants International—dedicated to providing high-quality explosive, narcotics, cadaver, and other scent detection dog services to the private industry. The company’s services were utilized at Ground Zero following the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, to assist in the recovery efforts. Additionally, Canine Consultants International provided its services to financial institutions, schools, cruise ship companies, and foreign governments.

In October 2001, as a member of the U.S. Naval Reserves, Michael was deployed to Naples, Italy, where he spent nine months training and supervising the military working dog (MWD) program.

Michael is now a retired Navy veteran and Founder of Hounds Town USA—an interactive pet care facility with forty locations. Through his dog business, Michael assesses and evaluates the temperaments of dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds for their suitability and sociability as pets, and their ability to interact non-aggressively in pack environments. He supervises and assesses canine pack behaviors on a regular basis. He also serves as President of Hounds Town Charities—a 501c3 he founded in 2011—that focuses on providing behavior assessment and rehabilitation services to dogs with behavioral issues at risk of euthanization. Michael has also trained services dogs for disabled people in need.

Michael is an expert witness specializing in forensic dog handling, police canine tactics, canine behavior, dog bites, police dog deployment, use of force, canine crime scene, use of narcotics dogs, and scent recognition.


Certified Canine Trainer and Examiner

Providing Expert Testimony at Deposition and Trial

Canine Forensic Expert

As a canine forensic expert, Michael testifies about the proper and in-proper use of a canine to identify and obtain evidence in a crime. His many years of hands-on experience as a canine handler for the New York City Police Department and the Commanding Officer of the Nassau County Police canine unit provides him specific and in-depth knowledge regarding the proper use of police dogs to obtain and identify evidence in a crime.

Canine Deployment & Use of Force Expert

With many years of police dog management and deployment experience as a police canine handler and trainer, Michael is able to opine on the proper use of canine deployment as well as the proper use of force in suspect apprehension. He has deep and specific knowledge about how a police dog should be used in various scenarios and expertise in crime scene preservation involving canines.

Scent Dog Detection Expert

Michael is a certified canine trainer and examiner of police patrol, tracking, and scent detection dogs through the New York State Bureau of Municipal Police (retired). He has extensive hands-on experience with scent dog detection work, and an understanding of how dogs should be utilized properly to track a scent—whether it be for explosives, narcotics, cadaver, or missing persons.

Dog Bite & Canine Behavior Expert

Michael has served as a dog bite expert in various civil cases, and has provided evaluations and affidavits to the court in dangerous dog cases involving private citizens as well as municipalities and government agencies. In this capacity, Michael has also served as a consultant to private clients and attorneys representing private citizens involved with dangerous dog cases. Additionally, Michael has evaluated canines for their suitability as pets and their ability to interact safely in a pack environment.

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